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Real Skin, Real Results

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"I felt like I had just left a professional beauty session!"

Robiya, 42, Australia

Reinvo| Facial Microdermabrasion Wand

"Now I feel confident that skin issues can be resolved using the right methods"

Alyssa, 20, Malaysia

LightAura | LED Face Mask

"My skin got a fresh start and feels so much better now"

Gigi, 34, United States,

Reinvo| Facial Microdermabrasion Wand

"I feel more elasticity and the mask improved my dark spots and my hormonal acne"

Veronica, 26, Spain

LightAura Plus | LED Face & Neck Mask

"I am so happy with how my skin looks"

Cristina, 44, Denmark

Lumamask 7 | LED Light Therapy Face Mask

"My skin is 95% more clear than when I first started using the product"

Julija, 18, United Kingdom

LightAura | LED Face Mask

A Message From Our Team

At Project E Beauty, we believe that radiant skin is a goal everyone can realize. And we are here to support you on that journey.

We launched in 2012 with the aim of providing salon grade skin results from the comfort of your own home. Almost a decade on, we have successfully built an international team of skin experts, dedicated to bringing you safe and effective skincare solutions through advanced technology and ingredients. As one of the first brands to introduce LED home therapies, we pride ourselves on our commitment to our customers and use your feedback to guide our every move.

To us, it’s not just about the product, but a holistic approach to skin health that empowers you to take control of your personal skin story.