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Article: 2 necessary products to add to your body-care routines this summer!

Project E Beauty LED+ Radio Frequency Ultrasonic Slimming Therapy

2 necessary products to add to your body-care routines this summer!


With summer finally here, it is time to face the world, safe and stylish. Having been through so much the last year, it is finally time to embrace the new season and all that comes with it. We changed our entire lives and with a sense of normalcy returning, it is time to bring back yourself, both body and soul, into the moment.

So let’s step out of our homes, onto the beaches in our bikinis. But first, let’s get rid of the lockdown habits and get ourselves “hot girl summer” ready!


Indulge in a Body-Slimming Journey

Quarantine, stress-eating, and working from home have had massive impacts on our bodies. We got out of shape, then back into shape, then once again out of it during the whole length of the lockdowns. But now, with summer already here, there is a perfect solution to all our problems.



Project E Beauty LED+ Radio Frequency Ultrasonic Slimming Therapy


The first product you must include in your daily routine is the Project E Beauty LED+ Radio Frequency Ultrasonic Slimming Therapy. It is a body slimming and body shaping device that helps in reducing puffiness, and lifting and tightening the skin. The slimming therapy is an effective and easy 10-minute treatment that gives you clinical results.

Thanks to the RF technology and the Red LED, you can see a significant change in your skin. The device improves the skin’s elasticity, promotes tissue metabolism, and even fights cellulite.

The “All in 1” solution targets different areas and functions. You can use the Project E Beauty LED+ Radio Frequency Ultrasonic Slimming Therapy to assist in slimming down the belly, thighs, arms, and even the back and derriere.

You might be thinking that this sounds too good to be true but rest assured that you will be satisfied with the results. Spending just 10 minutes every day can give you all the confidence you need to step out into the sun for your post-covid gatherings at the beach.



Project E Beauty SmoothPro+ IPL Hair Removal Device


The perfect supplement to the Slimming Therapy is the Project E Beauty SmoothPro+ IPL Hair Removal Device. This FDA approved laser hair removal is a must-have this summer. It is time to get back into a skin- and body-care routine, and there is no better way than to start with this device.

The SmoothPro+ makes use of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology which is recognized to be one of the most efficient ways to deal with undesirable body hair. With longer-lasting results, you can enjoy a painless and hassle-free summer.

The device can be used on a wide range of hair colors and skin types. It automatically detects your skin tone and adjusts the settings so that you remain safe and have a pain-free experience.

Creating a new Routine at home

As you have read, getting back into a quick and efficient routine this summer is much easier than you may have thought. Additionally, both the Beauty E devices are wireless and small, so it makes them travel-friendly as well.

If you are looking at ways to achieve salon finishes but do not have the budget to do so, this combination of devices will be timesaving, painless, reasonable, and will give you long-lasting results.



 written by Charlotte Rycroft




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