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Achieving your dream body is not just about losing weight. It also involves targeting a specific body shape or contour. Body shaping, toning, or contouring is the answer to stubborn fat deposits (especially in the abdomen) that are resistant to diet and exercise. Thankfully, there are simple nonsurgical ways to get those curves that won’t require more grueling hours at the gym.   

What is body contouring/shaping? 


Body contouring/toning/shaping is any surgical/medical or non-invasive procedure that helps reshape parts of the body using different technologies.   

Easy Tips To Tone Up Your Body

Easy Tips To Tone Up Your Body

Hate the gym? The good news is it’s not always the answer. Tone or shape up without trying too hard. The key is to have a perfect balance of diet, exercise, and motivation. Here are simple lifestyle changes and some mindful habits that you can adapt.  

  1. Don’t starve yourself - Filling up the calories is important in muscle-building. And don’t skip the carbs either. Get your dose of greens, whole grains, and nuts - not the usual starches like pastas and bread. Make protein an important component of your diet to help you tone up muscle during weight loss. 
  2. Add variety to your exercise - You can tone up your body without any effort but the truth is, you’ll still need exercise. Create a solid fitness routine with variations to help your body and muscles adjust to any type of movement. This also helps prevent injury. 
  3. Walk more - Did you know that walking is an excellent fat-burning exercise? Low-stress and low-intensity movements target stored fat, especially in the abdominal area. Burn up to 200 calories with 30 minutes of brisk walking alone.   
  4. Stay hydrated - Dehydration is a hindrance to body contouring as it breaks down muscles. If you don’t already know, muscles contain up to 80% water to keep them in top shape and to help protect them from damage.    
  5. Sit back and de–stress - Stress leads to an increase in cortisol levels and as a side effect, increases appetite and causes cravings. Don’t eat your feelings. Get a massage, read a book, do yoga - don’t turn to comfort food. 
  6. Try non-invasive fat-melting - Target stubborn fat with non-surgical body contouring techniques such as radiofrequency slimming therapy and cavitation. These methods break down fat at the cellular level using ultrasonic and energy waves.   

What Are The Benefits Of Body Contouring?

Body contouring works for areas of the body where weight loss is not as effective or when weight loss leaves the skin saggy and loose. Proper exercise, a healthy diet, and the addition of body-shaping efforts bring you closer to your body goals. Experience the following results for yourself:

  • More defined body parts - body contouring can work on specific areas with stubborn fat deposits such as the abdomen and buttocks
  • Slimmer appearance - shaping and toning help enhance excess lymphatic or excess fluid drainage giving you a more slender silhouette 
  • Smoother, tighter skin - depending on the technology used, some body contouring machines help stimulate collagen production 
  • Reduced cellulite, wrinkling - increased collagen production smoothes out other textural issues as well as signs of aging

Should I Try LED+ Radio Frequency Ultrasonic Slimming Therapy ?

What Are The Benefits Of Body Contouring?

Round off your body slimming and toning plan with the Project E Beauty LED+ Radio Frequency Ultrasonic Slimming Therapy. This unique treatment method combines three highly effective slimming technologies in one portable device: radio frequency, cavitation, and red LED light therapy. 

Cavitation utilizes ultrasonic vibrations to break down fat into liquid form so it’s easier for the body to eliminate it via biological processes. Radiofrequency heating, combined with the power of red LED light therapy, penetrates the skin’s layers to stimulate collagen production and fat melting. This technique helps maintain skin integrity and appearance during weight loss. The results are visible - tighter skin and a smoother complexion that glows. It also helps get rid of cellulite.

The abundance of collagen protein helps smooth out wrinkles and fine lines and leaves the skin feeling tighter and firmer than ever.


The Extra-Firming Body Essentials Set includes the LED+ radio frequency body slimming device, two 50ml bottles of the Project E Beauty Body Firming Treatment Slimming Essence, and one 30ml bottle of the Project E Beauty Hyaluronic Acid Serum. The Body Firming Treatment Slimming Essence has a potent yet skin-friendly formulation that delivers the triple benefits of sculpting, firming, and refining action in a luxurious, easy-to-absorb essence form. Boost your skin’s moisture content with the non-greasy Hyaluronic Acid Serum. This moisture magnet in a bottle boasts an ultra-hydrating formulation infused with potent antioxidants Vitamins C and E.

When to Use the LED+ Radio Frequency Ultrasonic Slimming Therapy ?

What Are The Benefits Of Body Contouring?

For beginners, do the first few treatments on the lowest energy level and gradually move up as the skin and body get used to the device. LED+ has 3 levels of intensity, pick one based on your needs. 

For best results, apply the Project E Beauty Body Firming Treatment Slimming Essence or your preferred slimming cream before using the device on your body. The approximate treatment time is 5 -10 minutes per area. Get two bottles of this slimming essence plus the device itself when you try the Body Slimming Set

LED+ allows you to slim down at your own pace without the side effects. Regular use of the portable device has the following benefits: more defined body contours, reduced cellulite, tighter skin, improved lymphatic drainage, and better circulation.  



 written by Olivia Khader



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