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Article: Natalie Howard’s Journey With Project E Beauty Red LED Light Therapy

Natalie Howard’s Journey With Project E Beauty Red LED Light Therapy

Natalie Howard’s Journey With Project E Beauty Red LED Light Therapy


After a brief hiatus, lifestyle Vlogger Natalie Howard has become active on YouTube again. In her most recent video, she revealed to the viewers her skincare routine after a typical workday. You'll see that red LED light treatment for anti-aging effects is an essential element of that routine.
The following discussion will provide a summary of Natalie's video. You will also learn: what does red light therapy do and red LED Light therapy benefits.

Summary Of Natalie’s Video: Red Light Therapy Before And After

Natalie Howard's videos can be an excellent case study of red light therapy benefits. In this video, she tells the audience she has started Project E Beauty's red LED light therapy. So, the videos in the upcoming month will hopefully show us red light therapy before and after effects.
The video starts with Natalie catching up with her audience. She had taken a break from blogging. During her time off, a lot has changed in her life. She completed her graduation. Then she got a job. In short, she had become busier and more responsible. And this video shows us how she fits her skin and anti-aging routine into it.
In 'What I do after work'- we see that the first thing Natalie does after coming home is slip into a more comfortable outfit. Then it's time for her evening snack. After that comes dinner and movie time.
Her night routine is the last thing she does before bed. As she tells us in the video, there are two devices Natalie uses for her face. One is a vibration-based treatment. And the other one is Project E Beauty's red LED light therapy.
At first, she gets all the makeup off her face. This is an essential step for increasing the effectiveness of her facial treatments. After removing the makeup, Natalie brushes her teeth. We can see that she uses an electric toothbrush from Philips. She claims that this toothbrush works better for your teeth than regular ones.
After brushing her teeth, Natalie flosses too. The YouTuber has an excellent dental routine. And the audience can learn from that too. Because many people don't have the same concern for their teeth as for young-looking skin.
Natalie then uses some facial products on her face. One of them is a cleanser that you have to rub in and keep on your face for half an hour. After washing that off, she applies some lotion. When all these are done, Natalie moves to the final, and most important step of her skincare routine- red LED light therapy.  

How Natalie Howard Uses Red LED Light Therapy?

As a lifestyle Vlogger Natalie Howard is well-aware of the 'red light therapy benefits.' So even after a busy day, she doesn't forget to invest some time into it. From the video, it is pretty apparent that the YouTuber is happy when she unpacks the product. Because the product is exactly how the manufacturer describes it in ads and packaging.
Project E Beauty's red led light therapy device comes with an aqua collagen gel. But Natalie says she has sensitive skin. So, she uses a regular moisturizer instead. You can do the same too. Because if you have allergic tendencies, it's best to stick to what you know is undoubtedly safe.
The device also comes with little goggles, which you can see her putting on in the video. The goggles are essential for eye protection as the machine has bright lights. You will also find a detailed pamphlet with all the necessary instructions inside the package, as Natalie shows the audience.
According to the instructions, you can use Project E beauty's LED Device in various ways. Here, the aim is to tighten your skin. For instance, you can move the Device from the corner of the mouth toward the eye area. Natalie shows the audience how to do that. She does it multiple times like you are supposed to.
A user can also pull the device sideways across their mouth. That way, you can tighten the skin on your cheeks. Or you can draw it from the chin towards the ear to correct a loose or double chin. You can also apply it to the eye areas to get rid of bags or tighten the skin around the nose.
You can use two buttons to operate the device—pulse and continuous. Natalie uses the Pulse button because that's what the pamphlet recommends. In the video, you will see Natalie applying the red led light therapy device on both sides of her face multiple times. She does this for 10 minutes, four times a week.
As Natalie recommends, you need to start charging the device at least three hours before the therapy session. Otherwise, you might not get all the red LED benefits. This is because of the vast number of led lights this device utilizes. It requires a significant amount of power to feed all those lights.
Natalie's nighttime skincare routine ends with a few skincare patches and nutrition pills. Hopefully, she will make videos of her progress. The audience can then see red light therapy before and after effects.


What Does Red Light Therapy Do?  

RED LED+ Anti-Aging Therapy

Anyone who has seen Natalie's video will be curious about the red led light therapy device she uses. Also, what does red light therapy do? So, let's learn a little about it. Firstly, the name of the Device is Red LED Anti-aging Therapy. Project E Beauty brought it to the market.
The device uses LEDs to transmit light waves into your skin. This light stimulates the photoreceptors in your skin cells. As a result, they create more energy for the various skin structures. Thus, your skin becomes healthier and your complexion improves.
Moreover, red light itself has proven effects on the human body. And Project E Beauty has used them to our advantage. For instance, red light positively influences your blood circulation. Another impact of red light is stimulating collagen excretion.

Features Of Red LED Anti-Aging Therapy

RED LED+ Anti-Aging Therapy

The device comes with a lot of valuable features. Natalie's review video already gives an idea of what it can do. Let's look at these features in more detail.

Lots Of LED Bulbs:

The device doesn't hold back when utilizing red LED bulbs. There are 40 bulbs in this device. This means you are getting enough light to penetrate your skin and stimulate photoreceptors within a short time.


Versatility is another beautiful thing about the device. The red led light therapy device comes with two modes. These are pulsed and continuous.

Fits all:

You don't have to worry about size and fitting when you order the device online. Because the manufacturer has designed it to fit all head sizes. It is also suitable for all skin types.


This device's light is safer than the sun's. That's because the red led light therapy device doesn't emit harmful ultraviolet rays.

Closing Thoughts

The red LED light therapy device from Project E Beauty is undoubtedly one of the safest skin and anti-aging care products on the market. You are not giving away your skin to any harmful chemicals or radiation.
Instead, you are smartly manipulating the beneficial effects of natural light. We are eager to see Natalie's progress in her upcoming videos.

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