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Article: Why Is Your Face Puffy And How Can You Treat It?

Why Is Your Face Puffy And How Can You Treat It?

Why Is Your Face Puffy And How Can You Treat It?


Waking up looking a little bit rounder and more puffed up than usual isn’t a big deal, but having to deal with it constantly can make you self-conscious. While there are many ways to avoid a puffy face in the morning, sometimes you have to rely on tools to help you bring your face back to its pre-bloat state.

Explore the reasons behind facial puffiness in the morning and discover some useful tips on how to reduce it and achieve a slimmer, more rejuvenated look.

What Causes Facial Puffiness? 

Lifestyle choices and, occasionally, underlying medical issues can contribute to facial puffiness.

What is facial puffiness?


Facial puffiness is essentially facial swelling and inflammation caused by the buildup of excess fluid in the facial tissues. It can also sometimes affect the neck area and upper arms. 

There are many causes of facial puffiness and swelling under the eyes. One of the most common reasons for a bloated appearance in the morning is a lack of restorative sleep. When you haven’t had enough shut-eye, your blood vessels remain dilated, resulting in impaired circulation and fluid retention. When you consume foods high in sodium, you become more thirsty, but the extra water you drink does not pass through your urine. Instead, it gathers in various regions of your body, including the face. 

One of the most common causes of bloating is alcohol usage. It causes frequent trips to the bathroom, causing your skin to lose vital nutrients and water. The body's natural reaction is to retain water, resulting in a puffy appearance.

External factors that are often beyond your control may include your menstrual cycle, some health problems, and current medications. 

Tips On How To Treat A Puffy Face

Aside from the obvious lifestyle changes that you need to adapt, here are more de-puffing secrets to help you minimize or get rid of that bloated look in the morning. 

Break a sweat

Tips On How To Treat A Puffy Face

During sleep, the body accumulates fluids that settle in various locations due to hours of immobility. Light exercise after waking up can help stimulate circulation and fluid drainage. 

Use caffeine

Tips On How To Treat A Puffy Face

Coffee not only helps you wake up, but it can also help your body flush out sodium and excess fluid. You can consume this potent diuretic by the mug or topically administer it in the form of creams or serums. 

Eat your greens

Tips On How To Treat A Puffy Face

Want quick results? Did you know that consuming leafy vegetables in every meal can help minimize puffiness and bloating on the same day? This is because foods high in minerals and potassium can help maintain fluid balance. 

Keep head elevated

It’s sleep that makes you puffy in the mornings, but adding another pillow to your stack can help avoid fluids from accumulating in your under eyes and entire face. 

Know your tools 



Tips On How To Treat A Puffy Face


Calm down swelling with cryotherapy. The application of cold temperatures relaxes blood vessels, and massaging action improves fluid drainage. 

What is cryotherapy?


Also known as cold therapy, cryotherapy is simply the use of devices, instruments, or tools that utilize cold temperatures to treat a variety of medical and cosmetic conditions.  

Cryotherapy facial treatments can be done at home with the right tools such as the ice roller for eyes and face. Harper’s Bazaar lists the Project E Beauty Ice Roller Cold Therapy  tool as one of the  best ice face rollers that soothe and depuff. It’s conveniently sized to cover the entire eye area. Byrdie’s team of editors and contributors also names this as the best roller for the under eyes

Check your ice roller before and after photos. The best thing about using a cold therapy massager is that you can see and feel its instant effects. Cryotherapy benefits may include the following:  

  • Visibly reduced puffiness and swelling - improved blood flow and excess fluid drainage minimizes facial bloating and calms down signs of inflammation  
  • Instant nonsurgical face lifting – use of ice rollers tightens pores which gives off the look of a more even skin tone, reduced wrinkling, and a brighter complexion
  • Relaxed and stress-free - helps release pressure and melt away tension, stress, and fatigue



Tips On How To Treat A Puffy Face


Called the non-invasive facelift, a microcurrent facial uses low-grade electrical current to stimulate the muscles on the face. Facial muscles also age as you do. That's why giving them a little jolt (of microcurrent) at least once a month is highly beneficial. Most microcurrent facial fans describe it as a facial muscle workout.

What is a microcurrent facial roller?


A microcurrent facial roller is a facial massage tool that utilizes safe and soft waves of electrical current to stimulate the skin. 

The solar-powered Project E Beauty VORA Microcurrent Facial Roller sends a weak electrical current through the skin to tone the facial muscles. 3D kneading action effectively pulls and lifts facial skin while also improving blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and boosting collagen production. Get this tool plus other amazing skincare products when you purchase the Project E Beauty Lifting All in One Skin Care Set.

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 written by Sophie Flair



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